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Alex Lopes pelvic health melbourne

Alex Lopes

Alex is a senior physiotherapist with over 20 years’ experience in treating Pelvic Health..

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Cara Richmond pelvic health melbourne

Cara Richmond

Cara is a clinical expert in managing pelvic floor dysfunction with a particular interest in..

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Mel Smith pelvic health melbourne

Mel Smith

Melissa has 12 years of clinical experience in the sports and pelvic health field, more recently..

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Liz Elsbury pelvic health melbourne

Liz Elsbury

Liz is a dedicated musculoskeletal physio with a background in sports physiotherapy..

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Annette Beauchamp pelvic health melbourne

Annette Beauchamp

Annie has over 25 years of experience in pelvic health and musculoskeletal physiotherapy..

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Amanda Lee pelvic health melbourne

Amanda Lee

Amanda has 10 years experience as a musculoskeletal and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist..

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Nicolaa Andreacchio pelvic health melbourne

Nicola Andreacchio

Nicola is a passionate physiotherapist with a special interest in Endometriosis, polycystic ovary..

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Laura Yammouni pelvic health melbourne

Laura Yammouni

Laura is a passionate Pelvic Health Physiotherapist who has a special interest in helping..

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Kim Garland pelvic health melbourne

Kim Garland

Kim is an experienced musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapist with postnatal..

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Adrianne Khabkyuk pelvic health melbourne

Adrienne Khablyuk

Adrianne has expertise in managing women’s pelvic health across the lifespan. She has particular..

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Aula Idris pelvic health melbourne

Aula Idris

Aula is passionate physiotherapist with experience in working with pregnant..

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Zwin Pham pelvic health melbourne

Zwin Pham

Zwin is passionate about Women’s Health, she is so engaged and caring in helping our clients..

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Kristen Moore Pelvic Health Melbourne

Kristen Moore

Kristen has worked in pelvic health and musculoskeletal physiotherapy…

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Jacqueline Bates

Jacqui is an experienced physiotherapist with 15 years experience in the UK and…

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Updates with Pelvic Health Melbourne
Pelvic Health Melbourne remains OPEN looking after your health and wellbeing. In line with the Victorian Government’s Stage 4 restrictions guidelines, we remain open as an essential health service and are committed to looking after our communities.  For any clients who are unable to attend our clinics, we are offering online Telehealth Services. For more information on Telehealth or in clinic appointments, please call or book online.